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Delicious AVOCADOS at Settlers' Plantation

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344 Stakehill Road

Baldivis, West Australia

(08) 9524 1445

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We love our customers and want you to experience the best-tasting avocados in the area. We grow them, pick them and present them to you at our friendly Baldivis store at Settlers Plantation. 


Avocados are in plentiful supply at Settlers' Plantation from the end of May until Christmastime, but you can enjoy avocados all year around. Check out our pages of recipes and ideas for serving these wonderfully delicious and healthy fruits.  


Come and visit us soon and let us delight you with our delicious avocados. We have different types available and you might even get a taste of our incredible avocado recipes.  

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What to look for
Most avocados look similar but various varieties are tested differently for ripeness.  As experts, can teach you how to know when each typeof avocado is ready to eat. 
Our boutique shop 
Our welcoming shop is located down the left-hand driveway once you enter the property. Just follow the sign! 
Our Trees
Our mature and well-tended orchard sits on 17 acres of land. We proudly grow a variety of avocado types, which is how we have such a long avocado season - from May to December.  

Avocados All Week

At Settlers' Plantation, you can buy avocados any day of the week. Our shop is open from 10 - 4 on Saturday and Sunday and during the week you can purchase avocados using our honesty box.  

So, don't worry if you forgot the avos....come in any time to purchase some great tasting, fresh-off-the-tree avocados. 

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Settler's Plantation

344 Stakehill Road

Baldivis 6171 WA

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